Openlands Interactive Maps

Below is a description of select Openlands interactive maps. Most of these maps utilize Google's basemaps, and can be navigated in a similar way (including Streetview).

The maps have data layers that can be turned on and off by clicking checkboxes.

Information about the map's data is often available by clicking on individual layer names next to the checkboxes.

General Use

Openlands Internal Map - A collection of data layers broadly relevant to Openlands staff. This map includes locations of Openlands projects, conservation lands data, Openlands tree plantings, water/land trails, and other information.

Where We Work - An overview of our Area of Focus and activities in story map form.

Political Districts - Political district boundaries for the Illinois portion of Openlands' Area of Focus. This map includes district boundaries and contact information for Chicago Ward offices, Cook County Commissioners, and both state and federal legislators.

Priority Landscapes

Interactive maps with a variety of conservation layers for each of the four Openlands Priority Landscapes.

Greater Hackmatack Priority Landscape

Prairie Parklands - Midewin Priority Landscape

Lake County (IL) Priority Landscape

Cook County Priority Landscape


Grand Illinois Trail - Detailed paths and road routes for the GIT which spans northern Illinois from Lake Michigan to the Mississippi.

Wolf Lake Trails - Trails and trail parking for the bi-state (Chicago, Illinois & Hammond, Indiana) Wolf Lake system.


Forestry Map - Locations of Openlands tree plantings and TreeKeepers along with a variety of other Forestry related layers.

Headwater Streams - Stream order data for the Openlands region along with water quality monitoring sites.

Openlands Lakeshore Preserve - Base layers for the Preserve. Primarily designed for internal use.

MWRD Analysis - Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago land holdings analyzed for conservation and recreation value.